SUPERRARA_LOGO_negativeWelcome on Ra.Ra.. Radio. A web radio designed to communicate and interact. To grow together to a territory rich in energy but expressed with fix, Ra.Ra.. wants to be a tool that contributes to facilitation of communication and social growth.

Let's start then speaking of the area where this idea then, that is the beautiful province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria, at the heart of the Mediterranean…a “place” characterizing and from which we begin a journey but, obviously, He doesn't want to be a burden but rather a constant (see the episode 5 in the fourth season of "Lost" to be clear) to reference.

…Infact, we are entering in a real wide web,, that means that we are on the radionomy platform Radionomy, an international reality that is home to many radio, issues or General, of music or talk, in different languages and with different methods of “airing”, and that has as main characteristic to enable us to be heard and be aired worldwide, hassle of antennae or bandwidth covers, and as long as you have your terminal connected to the world wide web.

For the moment we do not have much to add in this presentation page except we were born from contamination of roots and ramifications and that therefore only one thing is certain, that we write the history of this reality and live together with all those who want to interact with us this new page in the communication.

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