Colapesce: second album and new tour

colapesce egomostroAnagrafe he is Lorenzo Urciullo, a Sicilian singer-songwriter formerly known in the role of leader of Albanopower and later a member of the Santiago project with Alessandro Raina (Love was), e dopo “Un meraviglioso declino”, disco di esordio da solista con il nuovo alias di “Colapesce” e che lo ha portato alla ribalta, in February he has finally published its second call fatigue "Egomostro" on which he worked there in the last three years.

On new album, interviewed by Today ', Colapesce dice: “In the last three years I have been around with the Proton Backpack collect 'monsters', like the protagonists of Ghostbusters. I have them imprisoned inside my hard drive, just like a real Ghostbusters, but at some point I decided to release them all together and it was not at all easy to handle”.

After a debut album that has seen our Colapesce tell, almost detached form, the journey of two late twenties in an Italy ravaged by the crisis, with the assignment in 2012 the Targa Tenco as “Best First”, the load of responsibility has prolonged in time the output of a new work. And the differences are many, first of all from the point of view of the texts that in this new recording adventure lead him to a self-analysis of travel, setting out, perhaps tentandone un'esorcizzazione, his obsessions and fears.

But here you do not want to do deep analysis about the artist and the work, and, rather, you want more report to allow you to decide for themselves and truly how this new work. And there's no better time to judge personally in recent days as it just started his tour, obviously with first dates in his native Sicily.

These are the dates of the tour egomostro:

20 February - PALERMO – I Candelai
21 February - CATANIA – But
27 FEBRUARY – BOLOGNA – Locomotiv
28 FEBRUARY – LIVORNO – The Cage Theatre
5 MARCH – COSENZA – auditoriums Unical
6 MARCH – PULSANO (Ta) – Villanova
13 MARCH – TORINO Hiroshima Mon Amour
20 MARCH – Arezzo Karemaski
27 MARCH – ROMA – Theatre Quirinetta
28 MARCH – PERUGIA – Urban Club
10 APRIL – BARI – outdated
11 APRIL – NAPLES – woolen mill 25
25 April - FLORENCE – Viper Theatre