Brunori SAS becomes limited

Brunori locandinaThere we go, is about to leave "BRUNORI SRL: a limited liability company ", the new tour of the singer Brunori SAS, staged from March in the major Italian theaters. Musica e parole per raccontare la “società a responsabilità limitata” che ci circonda, con il piglio ironico e disincantato che lo contraddistingue.

Dario Brunori will then compete in a varied show, ranging from cabaret, song and theater, obviously, concerto, and you can then assist both intimate monologues (but not too much), who see it stripped of his guitar, and songs from his repertoire revisited in a fully renovated suit.

"Your turn out an assessment to understand what is really useful. Tap to calculate the amount of your losses. Touches put in the right column the giving and receiving. Tap bend the arithmetic songs, the words to the accountancy. Touches understand what wealth you have got with your small and large daily business. touching, after all, only you. - Tells BRUNORI SAS - will play a show in which cooks rosewater autobiography and sociology rapidly, melancholic songs and orchestras for children's rooms, bar talk and nostalgia rogue, Baci and beach philosophy. Un mix fra stand up comedy e teatro canzone. Between concert and cabaret. Between fiction and confession. Fra Martino and bell. How Gaber, but worse. as Well, but bad. Come Hicks, my Y. A show created for the sole profit. Opens the curtain ".

Fresh from his European tour "The Road to Santiago in interrail", during which he presented in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, London and Lugano songs of the last album "Vol.3 – THE WAY OF SANTIAGO IN TAXI " (Picicca Discs / distributed by Sony Music), Brunori SAS started to "conquer Europe" after the conclusion of a very successful and busy year for the singer who, since February 2014 He has continually traveled throughout Italy by touching the main town with its tour, which now has over 50 date, many of which have experienced the sold out.

These dates "BRUNORI SRL: a limited liability company " (tour produced and organized by Picicca / Guild Productions):

– 12 March at the Teatro Rossini in Pesaro,

– 13 March at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan

– 14 March Auditorium cotton warehouses in Genoa

– 20 March at the Teatro Morlacchi

– 23 March at the Teatro Duse in Bologna

– 24 March at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre (Venezia)

– 26 March at the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Sala Sinopoli) From Rome

– 27 March at the Teatro Politeama in Prato

– 31 March at the Teatro Biondo in Palermo

– 1 April at the Teatro Metropolitan in Catania

– 2 April to Rendano Theatre of Cosenza

– 3 April at the Teatro Showville Bari.

*Tickets for individual dates are available in advance. All the information on the site