Web Radio

webradio-Startup-NewsHere we landed in this new adventure of web radio and, obviously, before deciding to undertake it, We did several searches that would bring us to have a heightened awareness. Then, passing between some articles in Italian, where he could not miss, among other, the source of the spin doctors aranzulliana, and many items from other countries, most notably France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain, we succeeded in.

This already tells us that at the time, the national situation sees the reality of web radio still not well structured and used despite itself represents the re-emergence of free radio in toto that there was in the '70s.

What you can guess immediately is that creating a web radio, free and at no cost, It is now very simple and there are many platforms that can refer. But above all it must be emphasized that a "web radio" is a true digital radio station, Unlike traditional radio, It transmits your music to the public through the Internet waves and not through radio waves and this, more, It is also its most attractive feature because it potentially allows you to spread your voice and your music all over the world and smoothly on the wars of “frequencies”!

Then we add that before the broadcast was the prerogative of a few technical, Now you too, like us, you can create a real radio station also coming from a “no cost”, choosing among programs, server and management styles based on characteristics that are right for you and shape you want to give your radio.

We, semplicemente, we hope that the style of RaRa is what you were looking.