The Podcast

And, we live in an age convulsed, in a continuous evolution accelerated by technological progress. In this context also the two instruments prince of communication that have marked the last century, They have undergone major upheavals and the way we listen to radio and watch TV is, today, changed.

They seem distant a century are the days when we would begin to program the recording of a program to be saved in a VHS or you tuned in to their favorite radio station with the tape ready to save that particular episode and, in effetti, with the advent of podcasting, all this is now history. it is in fact, because music, programs and all the media today you can download at any time, free and with the use of a single connection.

In other words, any multimedia content, also photos, video, notes or various combination of these elements can be shared on the internet. All this is the Podcast, a term created by the union of the iPod and Broadcasting, which had its beginnings in use since 2004 to ease the way people listen to music in MP3 format and now, refined and widespread, He became the absolute protagonist of communication 2.0..

Thanks to the podcasts you can download a radio or video broadcast or any digital content that is inserted into the network by its owner, by means of a simple code that makes the material available for anyone and for any use. Files can then be copied, view it at a later time, or transfer into a portable device memory.

Then, without the aid of a specific operating system or a browser, if you want to listen to an episode from a particular radio or television program, a song, an interview or even a university lecture, you can do on the radio website, the tv or particular institution which transmitted, fruendone on your PC, or by downloading the whole thing on their device, be it a smartphone, an mp3 player or other. Now all radio, TV channels, political parties and even individual celebrities spread their content with Podcasting. But also millions of independent users.
What you need to take advantage of the podcast is simply install an aggregator software (or client) thanks to which you can subscribe, no charge, to individual sites podcast providers that publish material that can be downloaded.

Podcasting is, to be more technical, a system that allows you to automatically download podcasts called documents, using a program (“client“) Free usually called an aggregator or feed reader.

A podcast is therefore a file (usually audio or video), made available on the Internet to anyone who subscribes to a regular transmission and automatically downloadable from a special program, called aggregator, and it is based on RSS feed.

To receive a podcast you are needed:

  • any media connected to the Internet (PC, ad esempio)
  • a special client program (often free)
  • a subscription to a podcast provider (often free)

a podcast, citing one of the reference to this introduction articles, it works as “a subscription to a periodical publication” e, using the metaphor of “The mind mind” we can summarize as all: support connected to the Internet is the mailbox, the client is the postman, and podcast provider is the publisher. The subscriber receives the publications regularly, and can hear them or see them in the ways and times that are more congenial.

To enjoy the podcasting you must first install a simple free software, the most used is, for historical matters, iTunes , but they are catching on other platforms, including Juice e Doppler, to name a few. Once you have done this step you can proceed by selecting the podcasts of interest. the software, with user-determined frequency, It connects to the Internet and check what files have been published by the sites to which you have subscribed: if you find new, download them. The notification of the publication of new editions is via an RSS feed traded between the manufacturer's site and the user's program.

But how to choose which podcasts “subscribe” and which simply discover. There are several sites, among others we mention, which act as directories for thousands of podcasts categorized in alphabetical order, by author or by content, inoltre, if you want to be more specific, going on the sites of the individual radio or television channels, or those more specifically related to a Faculty or a political institution, you will also find there the podcast.

Lastly emphasize the aspect that podcasts can be listened to at any time since the copy of the file, Once downloaded automatically, It remains on the subscriber's computer. In this way it is not necessary any active operation by the user. Furthermore, unlike the online streaming radio, podcasts do not necessarily require an internet connection during the listening phase, but only during download: this allows you to enjoy the podcast off-line or in conditions of mobility. That said, and having given the tools for a more conscious “first contact”, We can only wish a good choice of their own viewing schedules.