Assigned indie Oscars 2015 Italian

From The 6 8th February Mei (Meeting of Independent Labels), celebrated in Rome his 20 years with "The Oscars of Independents - Roma Caput Indies": il PIMI – Premio Italiano Musica Indipendente e il PIVI – Premio Italiano Videoclip Indipendente, i premi più noti della scena musicale indie italiana ideati da Giordano Sangiorgi. The two most prestigious awards dedicated to music and art of the video clips are respectively coordinated by journalists Federico Guglielmi and Fabrizio Galassi and awarded through juries of technical and industry experts. During the three days, over the awarding of prizes, there were the concerts with the best names of the Italian indie scene, Video clip projections, meetings, presentations, premieres and a day dedicated to the States General of Music in collaboration with several national and Roman reality.

The event "The Oscars of the independent - Roma Caput Indies" was organized with the support of Roma Capitale – Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion - Department Culture Shows and Events Service,it.